Soarsoft International provides Information Management Solutions that enable large and medium enterprises to efficiently capture, store, migrate, search, share and analyse unstructured data – like emails, instant messaging, documents and files.

The Business Need

The world’s information is doubling every two years. The massive growth of unstructured or semi-structured data contained in modern “information worker” environments has serious implications for current and future enterprise data management, costs and risk. The way enterprises capture, migrate, store, analyse, and leverage distributed cloud-based platforms like Microsoft Office365, is changing rapidly. This means that critical business data needs to be transformed, stored efficiently, managed and remain accessible throughout its life cycle, from cradle to grave. These vast volumes of unstructured data require hardened, trusted and proven solutions.

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The Business Solution

Soarsoft uses the experience and expertise gained from large and complex projects to solve the challenges associated with unstructured data, by delivering specialist, bespoke solutions that allow our clients to have:

Improved operational insight and control of information assets

Rapid data migrations and transformation for the adoption of Cloud and new technology infrastructure

Infrastructure and data consolidation for operational efficiencies

The ability to make well-informed business decisions on information assets, while enhancing data security and governance

What Sets Us Apart


Globally we have provided solutions to several large iconic sites of over 45 thousand users, including Global brands in Research and Marketing, Finance, Film and Media, Olis and Gas and more. In Southern Africa we have implemented solutions for 4 of the largest Mobile Telco’s, 6 of the top 10 Retailers and the majority of the top Legal firms, Hospital and Financial institutions, including the largest listed Financial services group in Southern Africa


Over the years we have used our experience gained through large and complex unstructured data projects to expand and refine our solutions and methodologies


We are vendor–agnostic and select only “best of breed”, reliable products and technologies that we trust. We continually evaluate these technologies to ensure that we have unsurpassed, trusted and proven solutions on offer


We continuously gain critical insight on the technology trends from our global partners and clients, ensuring that we are always well ahead of the latest developments and industry advancements on a global level

Some Of Our Clients

Large distributed Archive implementation and Migration for 12 000 users
High-volume Archiving, eDiscovery and Forensics for over 40 000 users
Large distributed Domino/Lotus Notes Migration to Exchange with coexistence for over 3000 users
Large distributed and complex Archive Deployment and Migration for 12 000 users
Lotus Notes/Domino Migration to Exchange with coexistence for a distributed environment with 10 independent operating entities
Third party Archive and Messaging Migration to Office365 and Azure with hybrid configuration
Domino Archive to Exchange Archive Migration for over 10 000 users across North America, Europe and Asia
Design and implementation of a large and complex Archive solution for 30 000 users
Complex merger post acquisition of multiple third party Archive platforms for over 16 000 users
Complex Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) Migration from Livelink to Sharepoint and hardening of Sharepoint for large volumes of content for over 3 000 users
High volume Archive Migration from IBM Domino Archive to Exchange Archive for over 3000 users
Large Global Archive deployment of over 30 000 users
IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange coexistence and interoperability deployment for 6 000 users
Complex Archive to Archive Migration from EMC SourceOne to Enterprise Vault
Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration
Email and File Archive and eDiscovery implementation in the Middle East
Multi-region Email Archive Deployment of over 3000 users
Exchange Messaging Management services  and Archive Deployment for over 1000 users
Legacy Archive to Office365 Migration
Hybrid Exchange Deployment with Migration to Office 365 and Federated Directory Services
Archive and eDiscovery
Acaveo adoption 4000 users
Acaveo adoption 4000 users
Cloud deployment and Identity and Access Management in Azure for 1500 users

In Need Of Assistance?

Do you need assistance with transforming unstructured data and information in email and file repositories?

We will provide tailored solutions to get you to Office365 or an appropriate solution that meets your business needs and budgetary requirements.

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