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Today’s Big Data Challenge and how File Analysis can help

In today’s world, there are huge amounts of data being generated by devices, blogs, social feeds, mobile applications, sensors, and more. The chaos for many businesses comes from the fact that nearly all of this data is unstructured, unscrubbed and non-relational. Year on year, we are creating more data than ever before; and it is imperative that this data is kept secure for many reasons.

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Multidimensional Content Management

Most organisations contend with a huge volume of unstructured data (mails, files, collaboration and cloud platforms). As this content grows over the years, it becomes a big black hole of data that, if not managed and controlled correctly, can become an ever-growing...

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Expect growth higher up the cloud stack in 2016

IT analysts expect markedly increased adoption in 2016 across all layers of the cloud stack, with IaaS leading the growth and higher-end services becoming more attractive. At Soarsoft we believe that cloud adoption is certainly the way of the future, the article...

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