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Client: Vodacom

Project: Large distributed Archive implementation and Migration for 12 000 users

Client Challenge: Vodacom is a leading African mobile communication company providing a wide range of communication services including mobile voice, messaging, data and converged services to over 57.5 million customers. The client required a large distributed Archive and Migration for 12 000 users to be implemented and approached Soarsoft to assist with this challenge.

Soarsoft’s Solution: Due to the nature and scale of the project, Soarsoft allocated their top Archiving and Migration consultants to the implementation, who worked side by side with Vodacom’s IT team. This collaborative approach, along with the technology solutions used, allowed for the project to be executed seamlessly and on time with coexistence and no interruptions to user access for the 12 000 users.

Client: Toyota South Africa

Project: Large distributed email platform migration from Domino/Lotus Notes to Exchange with coexistence for over 3000 users

Client Challenge: Toyota SA, a leader in motor vehicle manufacturing, a long trusted vehicle brand in South Africa, had been operating on the Domino Lotus Notes platform, and recognised the need to migrate to an Exchange platform.

Soarsoft’s Solution: Soarsoft was engaged to present the best solution to migrate Toyota’s email content with an approach that had minimal impact on the user base. The solution leveraged Binary Tree’s comprehensive “SMART” migration methodology and CMT for Exchange and Co-existence Tool set and facilitated a period of co-existence to enable a measured and managed migration process with limited impact on day-to-day business.

Soarsoft’s experienced migration consulting and project management teams worked together with Toyota SA’s IT professionals to implement a successful migration. The approach, and methodology used, together with a combination of technologies and both teams’ experience, allowed for minimal user interruptions, full transparency and access to the legacy data during the course of the migration project.

Client: MTN

Project: Large complex Archive deployment and Archive Migration for just under 12 000 users

Client Challenge: MTN, a multi-national telecommunications company that boasts over 152 million subscribers across its company with operations in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East, realised the need to consolidate systems and bring various business units onto an HPCA consolidated archive platform.

Soarsoft’s Solution: As MTN is a very large environment with a variety of different business units, the project held substantial complexity and due to this, a specifically tailored solution was required. Soarsoft successfully completed the complex archive deployment for just under 12 000 users by installing the HPCA for Exchange Archiving while MTN simultaneously ran an Exchange 2013 upgrade project in parallel. The tailored solution ensured that the project was concluded fast and efficiently.

Client: MMI/ Momentum

Project: Complex merger of multiple third party Archive platforms for over 16 000 users

Client Challenge: MMI Holdings Limited (MMI) is a South African based financial services group listed on the South African stock exchange and was formed from the merger of Metropolitan and Momentum which are both sizable insurance-based financial services players in South Africa. This merger required that Momentum and Metropolitan, both on individual EAS systems, were merged onto a single EAS environment.

Soarsoft’s Solution: Soarsoft has extensive experience in the consolidation of data systems required in the instance of mergers and acquisitions of large entities. Although the MMI consolidation project involved an incredibly complex process, Soarsoft’s team of consultants was well equipped with the necessary experience, knowledge and skill to perform a smooth and seamless archive migration with consolidation. With MMI, both business entities were previously on EAS environments and were successfully merged and consolidated onto a new single environment EAS system.

Soarsoft is also able to cater to consolidation projects of business entities on differing platforms and environments. While these types of consolidations require a more complex archive-to-archive migration, Soarsoft has the correct experience and skill set to accommodate these types of mergers.

Client: Alexander Forbes

Project: Complex Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) migration from Livelink to Sharepoint and hardening of Sharepoint for large volumes of content for over 3 000 users

Client Challenge: Alexander Forbes is a leading provider of financial and risk services internationally, specialising in short-term and long-term insurance, health, retirement and multimanager investment solutions. The business recognised a need to move their ECM (Enterprise Content Management System) from Livelink to Sharepoint which would allow for cost savings.

Soarsoft’s Solution: Soarsoft effectively implemented a Livelink to Sharepoint migration. By using a Metalogix technology product StoragePoint, data was easily and directly offloaded from sequel into flatfile in a single migration. This approach ensured that the data was migrated into flatfile disk space while the metadata was offloaded into Sharepoint. It allowed for a quick and seamless process without downtime, interrupted access of data or bloating of SharePoint which would affect end-user performance.

Client: AECI

Project: Lotus Notes/Domino Migration to Exchange with coexistence for a distributed environment with 10 operating entities

Client Challenge: AECI is a South African-based explosives and specialty chemicals Group of companies with 19 individual businesses. The Group has an extensive footprint in Africa, which it is seeking to expand further, and is also targeting selected growth opportunities in South America and South East Asia.

AECI’s Head Office recognised the advantages that could be gained by standardising the heterogeneous messaging platform across the various business entities. This Migration, into a single platform would drive down costs and allow for a better delivery of messaging, Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration services. AECI engaged Soarsoft, due to their with extensive experience in multiple messaging platforms, to weigh up options and plan a migration strategy to a single forest solution.

Soarsoft’s Solution: This project required a combination of the very best migration tools and Soarsoft’s experience and expertise, specifically in light of the tight deadlines and complexity that a distributed environment with independent companies and IT departments posed.

Soarsoft’s tried and tested approach for complex environments of combining Binary Tree’s proven CMT for Exchange Migration Toolset and an extensive amount of planning, enabled a smooth transition. This approach ensured that co-existence between the new and old platforms was successfully maintained throughout the migration, which minimised disruptions to business operations and ensured a seamless transition for AECI.


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