Soarsoft International is excited to announce a new partnership with iManage, global leader in document and email management systems.

“iManage’s technology is very well established in the South African legal industry already,” says Soarsoft Founder and Director, Chris Hathaway. “Our aim with this partnership is to expand that presence into a broader professional market, and increase local skills availability and support.”

Hathaway describes a growing general awareness of the competitive edge offered by information management tools like iManage, not only in law firms, but also industries like financial services, shipping and property management.

“iManage’s ability to seamlessly and securely allow professionals to organise, search and share documents and communications in a collaborative environment is a powerful tool for any business that leverages diverse information to manage a project, customer or asset,” says Hathaway. “It’s proven itself in the legal arena, and is now attracting a lot of attention from other enterprises and professional services firms with similar challenges.”

The Soarsoft International team, together with iManage representatives, will be launching a campaign to assist these enterprises and professional services firms in assessing and understanding iManage’s potential within their environments. The campaign kicks off with a series of Lunch & Learn events in Johannesburg and Cape Town this March.

“We’re very excited to introduce iManage and their Work Product Management platform to a wider South African audience,” says Hathaway, “and increase local knowledge and skills availability around this kind of information management technology.”

With over a decade of experience in Enterprise Information Management, Soarsoft International is now available for consultation, provisioning, implementation, management and support of iManage Work Product Management systems across South Africa. For more information, email

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