Since the opening of Soarsoft International’s London office, over a year ago, the South African-founded company has seen an increasingly positive response to its competitive service offering within the European information management and migration space. Growth in the Middle Eastern market has also exceeded expectations, and there has been significant expansion on the African home front as well.

Soarsoft directors describe this international growth as having been an organic process to date – the result of decades of professional partnerships with various global software vendors, service providers and systems integrators. Current plans, however, include a more active drive to build an ongoing commercial presence across the whole of EMEA.

“Soarsoft is ideally situated when it comes to providing services to the EMEA,” says company director, George Amoils. “We have no language barriers, no time zone complications, and we can offer very competitive pricing thanks to favourable international exchange rates. Our real draw-card, however, isn’t just convenience or affordability – it’s our extensive experience in enterprise information management and migration solutions, our international accreditation as a top-quality service provider, and our proven track record with best-of-breed, global brands.

“Our most recent trip to London only highlighted the fact that there is a huge demand for competitive, experienced information management and migration service providers throughout our region,” says Amoils. “We sat down with a number of international software vendors and large systems integrators, all of whom responded enthusiastically to our intentions to expand our EMEA presence. We’re busy finalising details, but look forward to announcing some exciting new partnerships and projects on the horizon.”

According to Amoils, cloud adoption, in particular, is exploding in the UK and Middle East, and post-Brexit economic turmoil may see a lot more businesses searching for affordable alternatives to expensive onsite resources.

“Soarsoft’s experience working in very competitive markets will stand us in good stead over the next few years,” he says. “Our teams are used to high-stakes projects and we are more than ready to bring our trusted, proven solutions to a broader, multinational table.”



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